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11 hours ago - Axios Twin Cities

Twin Cities move to ditch all parking minimums for developers

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

The Minneapolis and St. Paul city councils are moving closer to eliminating parking minimums.

How it works: Both cities currently require developers to include a certain number of parking stalls within most buildings outside of their downtowns. Proposals in both cities would allow developers to include as little parking as they want.

Why it matters: Supporters say doing away with minimums will make housing more affordable and reduce vehicle ownership and use. Opponents say it will lead to jammed on-street parking in their neighborhoods and business districts.]

11 hours ago - Axios Twin Cities

Twin Cities still turns to local TV more than any other news

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Reproduced from Pew Research Center; Chart: Axios Visuals

Local TV still rules the news scene here in the Twin Cities.

Driving the news: Roughly four in 10 residents in our coverage area prefer to get their news from the broadcasts, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

  • A quarter of us turn online and 19% stick with print.

The big picture: Nationwide, there's been a bigger shift toward digital outlets. Pew found that a majority (52%) of Americans now prefer to get news updates online, compared to just 35% who turn to TV.

What you like: Weather, crime and traffic/transportation are the top three topics of interest among the local audience.

Our take: The Twin Cities is lucky to be home to a strong and robust media scene. We were pleased to see those surveyed give local outlets high marks for accuracy and community engagement.

  • Special shoutout to the 11% of locals who often get their news from newsletters. We appreciate you!

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May 5, 2021 - Axios Twin Cities

Service fees pick up steam at Minneapolis restaurants

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

Diners returning to their favorite restaurants after the long COVID winter are noticing a new item on the menu: a service charge with a note about a no-tipping or tipping-not-expected policy.

Why it's happening now: It's essentially a reset for a lot of eateries across the area as they spin back up and try to find new workers.

May 5, 2021 - Axios Twin Cities

What you need to know about Minnesota's mini-State Fair

The Giant Slide will be open for a short State Fair preview this month. Photo: Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via Getty Images

The Minnesota State Fair announced a limited Kickoff to Summer for the end of May, giving us a taste of what's to come in late August when the real Great Minnesota Get-Together is back.

What's happening: The May 27-31 mini-fair will allow people to walk around, buy food, listen to music and visit attractions — unlike last year's drive-thru replacement.

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